Plan “B” Organics® ~ Bee, Bird, Bat & Butterfly Friendly™ Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
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Plan "B" Organics®

Premium Fertilizers and Soil Amendments that are Pollinator Friendly™

Our organic fertilizers and soil amendments are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complete balance of nutrients. All of our products are free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, providing you with an alternative to conventional products.

All Plan "B" Organics® Premium Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments are 100% environmentally friendly, are acceptable for Organic Food Production and are G.M.O. Free.

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Plan B Organics® High Phos 0-12-0 Bat Guano
Plan B Organics® Ultra Bloom Guano Blend
Plan B Organics® High Nitro Bat Guano 8-3-1
Plan B Organics® High Nitro Bat Guano 8-3-1
Plan B Organics® High Nitro Bat Guano 8-3-1
High Nitro Bat Guano 0-8-0
Seabird Guano
Seabird Guano 0-9-0
Plan B Organics® High Nitro Seabird Guano 0-13-0
Crab Meal
Plan B Organics® Crab Powder
soluble seaweed extract
teak leaves
neem cake
rock dust
Ultra Mycho
Plan B Organics® Premium Potting Soil
The 238 Special
I-5 Mix
Special Blend
worm castings
Red Wiggler Worm Castings
Plan B Organics® Ultra Compost
dairy manure
coconut coire
honey pot bag